Fashions Revisited is a small business offering authentic historic reproduction clothing and sewing patterns by April C Thomas.

A Fashion Design graduate, April C Thomas is the sole creator and designer of the garments and patterns sold on this website. All of the items are made in her Pennsylvania studio.



April has over 20 years of experience in living history and historic costume design and holds a degree in Fashion Design. In 2012, April launched Fashions Revisited to provide authentic sewing patterns and reproductions to the living history community. She is a graduate of the Winterthur Institute program, and she collects antique clothing and textiles which she uses in the development of historic patterns.




Each garment and pattern that April produces is backed by years of experience, education and extensive research to be as authentic as possible. Countless hours are spent on research, and many more actually viewing original Extant garments in  museum & private collections around the world, primarily in the United Kingdom & the USA.



April’s work has been commissioned for and featured in film and TV productions, historic sites, and museums around the world. She currently also serves as Director of the Historic Foodways Program for the Northern York County Historical & Preservation Society and Historic Dill’s Tavern.