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Fashions Revisited

Authentic Historic Reproduction Clothing & Sewing Patterns

of the 18th & 19th Century by April C Thomas

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Fashions Revisited Patterns TM are based on surviving garments, and pictorial documentation such as period satires, paintings, and other sources.

Whether you are a Re-enactor looking to make your own clothing, a seamstress producing clothing for a theatrical production, or you simply want a unique garment for a special occasion our patterns will help you on your way!

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All patterns include a full size paper pattern, directions, fabric suggestions, and more....

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18th Century Pocket Hoops      FR-006

Pocket hoops give a wonderfully wide and yet maneuverable shape to your 18th century silhouette. They are collapsible and easy to wear, while providing a large amount of storage beneath your petticoats! This pattern includes 2 different sizes of Hoops to choose from.

$ 20.00

18th Century “Martha” Cap             FR-007

This cap is fashionable and correct for 1770-1790’s and can be made from fine cotton lawn or linen, even silk organdy if you choose.

$ 15.00

18th Century Men’s Neck Stock      FR-012

Men’s neck stocks were an essential component for neck wear, these styles are appropriate for the last half of the 18th century. Patterns for both fabric & leather neck stocks.

$ 12.00

18th Century Pleated Cap            FR-013

A very common and popular cap of the time, this style of cap is suitable for 1760-1790’s. Included is an optional pattern piece to allow you to trim the cap with puffed ribbon trim for a more decorative look.                                         

$ 15.00

Please note, Patterns are not returnable

due to the risk of illegal photocopying.

Please see the Terms Of Sale page.

A Child’s 18th Century Bonnet     FR-004

This is a child sized version of the 18th century bonnet, based on originals. Perfect to complete the outfit of a young girl for the rev-war period.! Fits ages 3-9 yrs.

$ 15.00

18th Century Hip Pads, Hip & Bum Roll& Pockets                                        FR-005

Necessary to complete the proper silhouette for your 18th century wardrobe, this pattern includes 2 Style of Hip rolls, 1 bum roll, hip pads & hanging pockets.

$ 15.00

18th Century Fascinator Cap          FR-016


Perfect Cap pattern for 1775 to the end of the 18th century. This cap can be worn with low, or high hair of the period. Period style embellishments and ruching adorn this lavish cap.

$ 15.00

1800-1825 Chemisette                FR-015

Worn to fill in the low neckline gowns of the early 19th century, no lady would have been without several of these to wear by day, or even evening.  Pattern gives 2 Collar options for single double or triple ruffled neckline!

$ 12.00

18th Century Bonnet                     FR-001


A bonnet for 1770’s to the 1790’s. This style of bonnet was worn by Ladies, Market women, Milliners, Camp followers & many others.

This pattern gives options suitable for all impressions of the 18th century woman.


$ 15.00

NEW “Jane” Regency Bonnet       FR-017


A bonnet for your Regency & Jane Austen Events, appropriate for

1790’s-1810 period.  

Bonnet can be made with, or without ribbon chin ties.

$ 15.00